Collaboration Space

More opportunity to your teamwork innovation. Share and co-create with outers groups.

Improve teamwork execution capacity, learnability and do benchmarks.

By sharing project work-packages, practices, issues or opportunities with a selected community-of-practices.

In this sandbox area your team have collaboration space to practicing into safe place and broad competence support from co-workers.

“match co-workers and share your work-packages to collaboratively have it done!”

Digital projects flexibility allows us to have global collaboration teamwork and much more creative solutions.

more diversity and global mindset

Work collaboratively, feel the power of network model, enjoy the dynamic skill set allocation and work by objectives.

Establish Collaboration Cohorts
Connect with like-minded attendees and take advantage of our networking tools and private meeting rooms to share thoughts and ideas.

Explainer sessions led by experts to help you better understand the technologies being explored on the main stage.


collaboration space and go further