A Project Design-based Business Strategy.

Many thoughts come to mind when the innovation headline shows up on the subject — novelties, disruption ideas, technology newness, etc. However its more broadly that mix of all of them. But it’s mainly related to people, design, technology, organizational model, execution capacity.

How can anyone build something without considering technology? Noway men, we always connected to software somehow — communication, network, optimization, performance, quality-fast, precision-control, scale, real-time, online available, lean distribution chain, digital services, etc. I mean, we need software skills to shape business and organizational models. Actually, software platform is an enabler to run innovation.

Everything is about People — teamwork, of course! Even AI (Artificial Intelligence) massive presence in the field exempts us to have collaboration anyway. Many discrepancies about strategies, plans and real-life are about people missing-related to — ownership, happiness, social-behavior, rewards. Then managing is about people, and business opportunity is about network and foresight, and organizational functional structure is about empathy groups.

How to deal with entities like people, technology and business organization — Project Design! Movement from groups empathy to the market target. It’s not only a process-based approach but building-up delivery capacity. Join right-people at right-moment to engage in an endeavor that adds value to some client/user experience in the service/product consumption.

Project Desing Innovation is about movement-forward and craft-released on a timeline, underline resource-allocation lean principles and creative workspace. Capture insights or business opportunities request side-walk activities like design research or foresight scenarios, both feed the backlog project-design sprint cycle.

No business survives without execution capacity! Strategists can elaborate a beautiful marketing plan or even if brights business hunters identify big opportunities they have no success without a feasible execution plan. Sometimes outstanding people join into a business proposition and fail because it’s not about 100 meters sprint-run but a long journey initiative under a money pressure payback and people-like leadership. Yet, under a most important wise feeling of timing — provides it on right time-consumption. The execution capacity nowadays is about project design!

Worth tips for Design Innovation:

  • Foresight technology landscape
  • Strategy people empathy-based
  • DesignOps organizational framework
  • Project Design as an execution-capacity mindset

Build up an organizational platform that playing with these entities. Based on it you can Design Services/Products that ready for digital innovation at all.


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