Projects into the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) become a real challenge to cope with.

What the best approach to project development in this kind of company.

What are industries and companies doing to transform a traditional value chain into an integrated product and production lifecycle? Only a fully digitalized business model with a consistent digital thread has the power and flexibility to speed up processes and optimize production operations.

Digital Twin: A digital twin is a virtual model of a physical entity representing key characteristics and operation behaviors, that support scenario simulation and validation. The best practice is connecting the
digital twin with its physical pair, keeping them in sync over their lifecycle, including changes in configuration
location, and interconnections.

Manufacturers need to become
digital enterprises and rethink every
element of their business.

Automation can introduce inflexibility that destroys value and reduces productivity. In these situations, the ability to dial back some of the automation and replace it with human flexibility, dexterity, creativity and judgment would be immensely valuable. However, humans and machines currently cannot work safely in close proximity, so processes must be either fully automated or fully manual.

Automation can introduce inflexibility that decreases value and productivity—but too little automation can drive up labor costs.

The MQTT Keeps IoT System Design Simple
The protocol can deliver remote monitoring and data management. 

  • As communication systems have improved and expanded in the age of IoT, the need for data security has increased.
  • The MQTT protocol can provide efficient and secure integrating industrial automation with the cloud using IIoT principles.
  • MQTT protocols also can help end-users achieve a more consumer look and feel to applications while maintaining the robustness needed in industrial settings.

Microsoft Azure and MindSphere: A Partnership Built on IT and OT Leadership

The exploration of space stands as one of humanity’s greatest achievements. While history has hailed the men and women who reached the cosmos, and those who helped them get there, much of the infrastructure that sent them skyward lies forgotten and dilapidated.

IoT projects approach 

And how does Apple’s biggest phone compare to the Note Edge? Well, both remain unwieldy to grip, and the Note Edge is wider. However, the edged screen nuzzles into my hand better and those software tweaks mentioned above give it the advantage. However, just like the stylus, there’s a while before you get the knack of all the little provisions Samsung’s made to ease users into this screen size.

Roland Miller has spent nearly half his life chronicling these landmarks before they are lost forever long been obsessed with space as a child, he dreamed of being an astronaut.



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