The characteristics that make Digital Projects a completely different model from other kinds of projects.

•            The impact of the network-based model into teamwork, business processes, value management, and release plans

•            Save time is the essence, not control it—the time-box approach conflicts with managing complexity into planning at all.

•            Scaled tailor-made process and exponential mindset, not reside in the standardization of process, actually in collaboration purpose and without middle-management organization.

•            Realize that a new Global Value Stream is shaping supply-chain links to the boundaryless company, a platform organization that delivers digital services by API Strategy, developing really true digital companies.

•            The emergent technologies’ new cycle demands a critical reframe process capacity to strategy and project redesign. As DevOps was critical to IT companies delivering a time- response approach currently, now to the digital projects market-based is demanding “DesignOps”, “APIStrategy”, and “PlatformThinking”.

This kind of feature drives Digital Projects models, rebuilds managing practices, and organizational structures to projects development in the current and near future.

Initiative.Management is a corporate venture that design managing practices to digital projects services, visit:


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